ray reed


(all credits are for sax (tenor or alto) unless otherwise noted)


1943 kenton, stan- retrospective (flute, sax (alto))

1968 kenton, stan- stan kenton at fountain street chur (flute, sax (alto))

1977 blood, sweat & tears- brand new day

1978 rader, don- wallflower (flute, sax (alto), sax (soprano))

1979 frank zappa- orchestral favorites

1980 mitchell, grover- devil's waltz (reeds (multiple))

1983 longo, pat- billy may for president (clarinet, flute, sax (alto))

1986 supersax- supersax and l.a. voices: straighte

1987 cacia, paul- alumni tribute to stan kenton 

1987 frank zappa- the guitar world according to frank zappa

1989 grossman, richard- three play (composer)

1989 supersax- stone bird

1989 williams, joe- in good company

1991 marrying man- marrying man

1991 cowboy songs from folkways (vocals)

1991 ross, murray- goes hollywood (clarinet, flute, sax (alto))

1991 mcintosh, ladd- bulbous garlic blues

1991 kenton, stan- 50th anniversary celebration: the b

1992 a league of their own

1993 american jazz philharmonic (woodwind)

1995 bellson, louie- their time was the greatest

1996 best of jazz 'round midnight

1996 kenton, stan- stan kenton at fountain street chur (flute, sax (alto))

1997 kenton, stan- jazz profile


frank zappa: lšther
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)


1997 frank zappa- strictly genteel


frank zappa: wazoo
    (2007, 2cd, usa, vaulternative records)


frank zappa  / musicians timeline



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