the mothers of invention

weasels ripped my flesh (10)

1970 lp usa bizarre rslp 2028
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released august 1970

lyrics & extra info:

frank zappa: lead guitar and vocals
ian underwood: alto saxophone
bunk gardner: tenor saxophone
motorhead sherwood: baritone saxophone, snorks
buzz gardner: trumpet, flugel horn
roy estrada: bass and vocals
jimmy carl black: drums
arthur tripp: drums
don preston: piano, organ, electronic effects
ray collins: vocal
don 'sugercane' harris: electric violin
lowell george: rhythm guitar, vocals

cover art by neon park
art direction by john williams

produced by frank zappa

  1. didja get any onya?
  2. directly from my heart to you  (r.w.penniman)
  3. prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask
  4. toads of the short forest
  5. get a little
  6. the eric dolphy memorial barbecue
  7. dwarf nebula professional march & dwarf nebula
  8. my guitar wants to kill your mama
  9. oh no
  10. the orange county lumber truck
  11. weasels ripped my flesh