the mothers of invention

burnt weeny sandwich (9)

1970 lp usa bizarre
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recorded 1967 - 1969

released december 1969

lyrics & extra info:

frank zappa: vocals, guitar
lowell george: rhythm guitar, vocals
roy estrada: bass, vocals
don preston: keyboards
ian underwood: keyboards, woodwinds
bunk gardner: woodwinds
buzz gardner: trumpet
motorhead sherwood: woodwinds, vocals
jimmy carl black: drums, percussion
arthur tripp: drums, percussion
don 'sugercane' harris: violin 8
gabby furggy (janet ferguson): backing vocals 1
ray collins: vocal

cover art by cal schenkel
album design by john williams

produced and conducted by frank zappa

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. wplj  (dobard/mcdaniels)
  2. igor's boogie, phase one
  3. overture to a holiday in berlin
  4. theme from burnt weeny sandwich
  5. igor's boogie, phase two
  6. holiday in berlin, full blown
  7. aybe sea
  8. little house i used to live in
  9. valarie  (jackie & the starlites)