frank zappa

lumpy gravy (4)

1967 lp usa verve v 8741
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orchestra: capitol studios, hollywood
february 13 & march 14-16, 1967

people inside the piano: apostolic studios, nyc
october, 1967

released december 1967

texts & extra info:

the abnuceals emuukha electric symphony orchestra & chorus with maybe even some members of the mothers of invention

composed, arranged & produced by frank zappa

original sessions produced by nick venet
engineered by: joe, rex, pete, jim, bob, gary & dick kunc

liner put together by cal schenkel

1. lumpy gravy part one

  1. the way i see it, barry [0:00]
  2. duodenum [0:06]
  3. oh no [1:38]
  4. bit of nostalgia [3:41]
  5. it's from kansas [5:16]
  6. bored out 90 over [5:46]
  7. almost chinese [6:17]
  8. switching girls [6:42]
  9. oh no again [7:11]
  10. at the gas station [8:24]
  11. another pickup [11:05]
  12. i don't know if i can go through this again [11:59]

2. lumpy gravy part two 15:51

  1. very distraughtening [0:00]
  2. white ugliness [1:33]
  3. amen [3:55]
  4. just one more time [5:28]
  5. a vicious circle [6:26]
  6. king kong [7:38]
  7. drums are too noisy [8:21]
  8. kangaroos [9:19]
  9. envelops the bath tub [10:16]
  10. take your clothes off [13:58]


piano, celeste, electric harpsichord:
paul smith
mike lang
    lincoln mayorga
    pete jolly
    johnny guerin
    frankie capp
    shelly manne
percussion (gongs, bells, vibes, marimba, timpani, timbales & assorted insanity):
    emil richards
    gene estes
    alan estes
    victor feldman
    kenneth watson (uncredited)
thomas poole (uncredited)
woodwinds (flute, bass flute, piccolo, oboe, english horn, eb clarinet, bb clarinet, bass clarinet, contra-bass clarinet, alto sax, bass sax, bassoon & contrabassoon):
    ted nash
    jules jacob
    john rotella
bunk gardner
    don christlieb
    gene cipriano
french horns:
    arthur maebe
    vincent de rosa
    richard perissi
    arthur e. briegleb (uncredited)
    david a. duke (uncredited)
    george f. price (uncredited)
    jimmy zito
    kenneth shroyer
    lew mccreary (uncredited)
    jim haynes (probably james helms)
    tommy tedesco
    tony rizzi
    al viola
    dennis budimir
    bob west
    john balkin
    jimmy bond
    lyle ritts
    chuck berghofer
    alexander koltun
    tibor zelig
    ralph schaeffer
    bernard kundell
william kurasch
    james getzoff
    philip goldberg
    leonard selic
    arnold belnick
    leonard malarsky
    harold ayres
    jerome j. reisler
    harry hyams
    joseph difiore
    jerome a. kessler
    raymond j. kelly
    joseph saxon
    jessa ehrlich
    harold g. bemko
    louie the turkey (cuneo)
    ronnie (williams)
    foon the younger (dick barber)
roy estrada
james 'spider' barbour
jim motorhead sherwood
    j.k. adams and tony
    all night john (kilgore)
    the other john
    cal schenkel
    pumpkin (gail zappa)
    larry fanoga
    eric (clapton) & charlotte
jimmy carl black
harold (kelling)
    charlie (phillips)
    bruce (hampton)
    and the rest of the guys from atlanta
    don van vliet (uncredited)

special thanks to:
    sid sharp: conductor
    bob ross: arranger
    smiling jack
    ben barrett: contractor
    my pumpkin  (gail zappa)
    john judnich: recording & sound engineer