the mothers of invention

wollman rink, central park, ny, august 3rd 1968

2014 cd uk keyhole records khcd9020

    (2014, 2lp, uk, keyhole records kh 9020lp) - vinyl reissue

1968 08 03 concert "schaefer music festival", 'wollman rink', central park, new york city, ny, usa

frank zappa: guitar
ray collins: vocals
roy estrada: bass
jimmy carl black: drums
art tripp: drums, percussion
ian underwood: keyboards, woodwinds
don preston: keyboard
bunk gardner: woodwinds
motorhead sherwood: sax


  1. jazz rock improvisation
  2. help, i'm a rock
  3. baby love
  4. big leg emma
  5. holiday in berlin
  6. trouble every day
  7. orange county lumber truck