frank zappa

bebop tango contest live!

2015 cd uk keyhole

also available on lp

november 8, 1974 wlir-fm radio broadcast
(re-broadcast of 1973 wlir, garden city radio show)

frank zappa: lead guitar, vocals
irma coffee: vocals  3
napoleon murphy brock: tenor saxophone, flute, lead vocals
tom fowler: bass
george duke: keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
ruth underwood: percussion
bruce fowler: trombone
ralph humphrey: drums
chester thompson: drums


side two

  1. announcer's introduction
  2. zappa's introduction - aka tango chat  (wayne, nj, 1973/11/11)
  3. pygmy twylyte / dummy yp  (with irma coffee, location & date unknown)
  4. be-bop tang excerpt  (location & date unknown)
  5. the story of dupree's paradise  (nyc, 1973/11/22)
  6. yellow snow suite (fade)  (sydney, australia, 1973/06/24)

side two

  1. yellow snow suite  (sydney, australia, 1973/06/24)
  2. guitar event  (lowell, 1973/11/30)
  3. be-bop tango contest  (waterloo, canada, 1973/11/18)
  4. announcer's closing remarks