irma coffee

        from: jake

i recently got a cassette called around the world 1973.
does any one have a name for the female singer who joins fz and napoleon murphy brock on tango/pygmy? whoever she was she has a really great blues voice.

         from: patrick neve []
she's identified onstage as "coffee".  as nappy put it, "i could go for a cuppa coffee right about now."

      from: charles pater (
her name is irma coffee. she's on the nifty bootleg with nm brock; passaic nov 18 1974
she made one single for hi-records in 1973: anyway the wind blows b/w you made me what i am (hi2253). atwb is credited to staff writer earl randle, it's not the fz composition. it's a sort of ann peebles . . .
-charles pater

     from:  "dean f." (soulexpress@xxxxxxxxx.xxxx)
     subject:  irma coffee or emma coffee?
while cataloging my cds, i came across something kind of interesting. on two different hi records anthologies, i've got a song called "you made me what i am." one cd listed the singer's name as irma coffee, while the other called her emma coffee. anybody know what's up with that?


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