the mothers of invention

'tis the season to be jelly

1991 cd usa rhino foo-eee records r2 70542

additional info :

1967/09/30 konserthuset, stockholm
frank zappa, ray collins, roy estrada, jimmy carl black, billy mundiian underwood, don preston, bunk gardnerjim 'motorhead' sherwood


  1. you didn't try to call me / petrushka (stravinsky)
  2. bristol stomp  (appell, mann)
  3. baby love  (holland, dozier, holland)
  4. big leg emma
  5. no matter what you do (tchaikovsky's 6th)
  6. blue suede shoes  (perkins)
  7. hound dog  (leiber, stoller)
  8. gee  (davis, watkins)
  9. king kong
  10. it can't happen here