kip winger

songs from the ocean floor
- feat. moon zappa

2006 cd usa sidewinder 60018-2


kip winger: 12 string, bass, keys, vocals
rod morgenstein: drums
andy timmons: guitars, ebo
robby rothchild: percussion
paula de tuillio: backing vocals
john roth: guitars, guitar solo
mark clark: percussion
frank medina: backing vocals
ken mary: drums
moon zappa: vocal  3
david felberg: violin, solo violin
elena sopoci: violin
joe zoeckler: violin
anne martin: viola
joan zucker: cello
mark tatum: bass
jonathan arthur: vocals
reb beach: guitar solo
ken mary: drums

all songs written by kip winger

produced, engineered, arranged and mixed by kip winger

  1. cross
  2. crash the wall
  3. sure was a wildflower
  4. two lovers stand
  5. landslide
  6. faster
  7. song of midnight
  8. free
  9. only one word
  10. broken open
  11. resurrection
  12. everything you need