various artists

zappanale # 14
    Ė incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

2004 cd ger arf society


  1. jazzprojekt hundehagen: sexual harassment in the workplace

  2. zappanoia: zoot allures

  3. octafish: medley: letís move to cleveland / dupreeís paradise / trouble every day/ big swifty / the torture never stops

  4. doctor dark: big-eyed beans from venus

  5. the jack & jim show: willie the pimp

  6. sheik yerbouti: iím the slime

  7. alternative tv: why donítcha do me right?

  8. muffin men: wonderful wino

  9. muffin men: bamboozled by love

  10. paul green school of rock music: donít eat the yellow snow

  11. paul green school of rock music: nanook rubs it

  12. prawns with horns: magic fingers

  13. sex without nails bros: uncle remus

  14. sex without nails bros: rdnzl

  15. sex without nails bros: bobby brown goes down

  16. stu grimshaw & ike willis: der fremde

  17. mike keneally & friends: youíre probably wondering why iím here

  18. mike keneally & friends: cucamonga

  19. mike keneally & friends: skull bubbles

  20. steffen moddrow: cheap industry blues