various artists

zappanale 14 - 2003
    – incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

2004 3cd ger arf society

recorded at the zappanale festival, 2003/07/24-27,
bad doberan, germany

disc 1 

  1. zappanoia: uncle remus

  2. zappanoia: dirty love

  3. octafish: zoot allures

  4. octafish: king kong

  5. octafish: bullys / island of lost luggage

  6. octafish: barbie girl

  7. doctor dark: the blimp-tro

  8. doctor dark: sun zoom spark

  9. doctor dark: i’m gonna booglarize you baby

  10. doctor dark: the smithsonian institute blues (or the big dig)

  11. doctor dark: ice cream for crow

  12. doctor dark: sure ‘nuff ‘n yes i do

  13. eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black: the jack & jim show: the buggy boogie woogie

  14. eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black: the jack & jim show: sprechen sie deutsch?

  15. die landeier: auf dem land da ist nichts los

  16. eugene chadbourne & jimmy carl black: the jack & jim show: my guitar wants to kill your mama

  17. sheik yerbouti: joe’s garage

  18. sheik yerbouti: trouble very day

  19. sheik yerbouti: bamboozled by love

  20. gamma: hratche-piche

disc 2 

  1. alternative tv: plastic people

  2. muffin men:  plastic factory

  3. muffin men: king kong

  4. muffin men: florentine pogen

  5. muffin men: road ladies

  6. the paul green school of rock music:  pound for a brown

  7. the paul green school of rock music: inca roads

  8. the paul green school of rock music: king kong

  9. the paul green school of rock music: city of tiny lites

  10. prawns with horns: stick it out

  11. prawns with horns: roadworks

  12. the lizard kings: riders on the storm

  13. steffen moddrow: uncle meat in berlin

disc 3 

  1. jazzproject hundehagen: watermelon in easter hay

  2. stu grimshaw featuring ike willis: der fremde

  3. sex withouth nails bros.: penguin in bondage

  4. sex withouth nails bros.: pygmy twylyte

  5. sex withouth nails bros.: village of the sun

  6. sex withouth nails bros.: echidna’s arf (of you)

  7. sex withouth nails bros.: cheepnis

  8. sex withouth nails bros.: son of orange county

  9. mike keneally & friends: cowlogy

  10. mike keneally & friends: 5 legs

  11. mike keneally & friends: sleeping in a jar / time is money / gas station

  12. mike keneally & friends: yo mama

  13. finale: who knows

  14. ben watson: bathroom madness