various artists

wavelength infinity - a sun ra tribute

1995 2cd usa rastascan


disc 1 sun / wavelength

  1. uya : dancing shadows
  2. charlie kohlhase quintet: the kingdom of not
  3. kash killion & the juju string ensemble: friendly galaxy
  4. malcolm mooney: darkness light
  5. water shed: looking outward
  6. trudy morse & friends: energies
  7. david greenberger: sun-day
  8. steve adams / ben goldberg: transition
  9. the residents: daydream in space (is the place)
  10. splatter trio: tiny pyramids
  11. nrbq: fate in a pleasant mood
  12. art hoyle: the name sound
  13. elliott sharp: disco 3000
  14. harmut geerken: sunny's sun harp
  15. miss murgatroid: nature's law
  16. tom djll: there are other worlds (they have not told you of)

disc 2 ra / infinity

  1. graham connah group: satellites are spinning
  2. billy tipton memorial saxophone quartet: mu
  3. travis shook/the club wow: enlightenment
  4. art hoyle: the fantasy
  5. vacuum tree head: the call
  6. dan plonsey / gamelan sekar jaya: constellation / the art scene
  7. the cocktail / en vandermark: lights on a satellite
  8. eugene chadbourne / jimmy carl black: space is the place
  9. phantom radio: the nile
  10. eddie gale / john tchicai: and island in space
  11. lewis jordan: whereness
  12. bkcp string quartet: advice to medics
  13. bugs meanie band: el is a sound of joy
  14. thurston moore / ezra la plante: cosmic equation
  15. john raskin: lullaby for realville
  16. thornhill / chabot / montclair tri-school artestra: planet earth (alternate take)