various artists

unmatched absolutely five & sex
    – incl. various artists covering frank zappa

2002 cd spain hall of fame records hof-020-cd

zappa tribute album

cover illustration by maese manacho

cd design by miquel jaume

(almost) all compositions by frank zappa

  1. caballero reynaldo: bow the daddy / we are not alone
  2. i fratelli di mascia aka de break a dabrians: the grand wazoo
  3. román: a pound for a brown (on the bus) / sleeping in a jar
  4. juan zarppa's experience: tell me you love me
  5. nig biz: caroline hardcore ecstasy / peaches en regalia
  6. carucha: yo' mama
  7. crosstown traffic: magic fingers / son of orange county
  8. ossi duri: king kong
  9. niebla purpura: watermelon in easter hay
  10. the masters of invention: can't afford no shoes
  11. arfz!: the torture never stops
  12. nando caballero: i have been in you
  13. arte rupestre: sexual harassment in the workplace
  14. arte rupestre: sexual harassment in the workplace (reprise)
  15. hijosdecortés: dancin' fool
  16. andrea braido: blessed relief
  17. nigga bigga funk: pygmy twylyte
  18. the masters of invention: wind up workin' in a gas station
  19. arfz!: zoot allures / black napkins
  20. dr. zumango: uncle remus
  21. rainer tankred pappon: sleep dirt
  22. nando caballero: bobby brown
  23. juan zarppa's experience: the torture never stops
  24. lagunable: crew slut
  25. los pretensiosos: peaches en regalia
  26. juan antonio de blas: chungas's revenge
  27. maese manacho: inbocacción  (maes manacho)