van dyke parks

discover america  (2)
    - incl.various zappa alumni

1972 lp usa warner bros. records  wb 46166

1972 studio recording

  van dyke parks: keyboards, vocals
malcolm mcnabb: trumpet
  john audino: trumpet
  tony terran: trumpet
  lew mccreary: trombone
jay migliori: sax, flute
  tom scott: sax
lowell george: guitar
  laurinda almeida: guitar
  kirby johnson: keyboards
  gail levant: harp
  gordon marron: violin, synthesizer
  paul shure: violin
jerry kessler: violin
  bonnie douglas: violin
  myra kerstenbaum: viola
  jesse ehrlich: cello
roy estrada: bass
charles berghofer: bass
  buell neidlinger: bass
  al mckibbon: bass
  dennis smith: bass
jim gordon: drums
  milt holland: percussion
john bergamo: percussion
  roger bobo: percussion
  gary coleman: percussion

produced by kirby johnson  

  1. jack palance  (v.d.parks)
  2. introduction  (s.alter)
  3. bing crosby  (v.d.parks)
  4. steelband music  (v.d.parks)
  5. the four mill brothers  (v.d.parks)
  6. be careful  (v.d.parks)
  7. john jones  (v.d.parks)
  8. fdr in trinidad  (v.d.parks)
  9. sweet trinidad  (v.d.parks)
  10. occapella  (a.toussaint)
  11. sailin' shoes  (
  12. riverboat  (a.toussaint)
  13. ode to tobago  (v.d.parks)
  14. your own comes first  (v.d.parks)
  15. g, man hoover  (v.d.parks)
  16. stars and stripes forever  (j.p.sousa)