van dyke parks

van dyke parks was part of the mothers for a very short time (pre-"freak out"), if at all.  he did play with a lot of zappa alumni.  he covered a lowell george song on one of his albums, and his own compositions were played by jimmy carl black and by the west coast pop art experimental band.

info from an article / interview in melody maker 1974/01/04
discography - van dyke parks

discography - collaborations & as a guest



howdy moon: howdy moon
    (1974, lp, spain, ariola) - feat.lowell george

howdy_moon_lp.jpg (18489 bytes)

  van dyke parks: arrangements volume 1
    (2011, cd, usa, bananastan) - compilation of tracks that were arranged by van dyke parks

vandykeparks_arr01.jpg (11554 bytes)

  van dyke parks: wall street / money is king
    (2011, 7", usa, bananastan b4500)

vdp_wallstreet.jpg (137189 bytes)

  van dyke parks: dreaming of paris / wedding in madagascar (faranaina)
    (2011, 7", usa, bananastan b4501)

vdp_paris.jpg (62047 bytes)

  van dyke parks: black gold / aquarium
    (2011, 7", usa, bananastan b4502) - feat. kathy dalton

vdp_blackgold.jpg (121225 bytes)

  van dyke parks: amazing graces / hold back time
    (2011, 7", usa, bananastan b4503) -  feat. ira ingber

vdp_sideone.jpg (36612 bytes)

  van dyke parks: the all golden / sassafrass
    (2012, 7", usa, bananastan)

vdp_theallgolden.jpg (82512 bytes)

  van dyke parks: missin' missippi / the parting hand
    (2012, 7", usa, bananastan) 

vdp_passchristian.jpg (128071 bytes)





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