songs that will never win a grammy

2005 cd usa corporate blob records cbr 003

written, performed, recorded and produced by
the primetime sublime community orchestra

the prime-time sublime community orchestra
lee sanford: organ and piano
tony macaroni: piano and keyboards
luigi minotta: alto sax & percussion  1,2,5,9
tomme gee: drums & percussion
frankie lane ross: bass fiddle
bob donahue: vocals
leon sinatra: vocals 1,8,9
sally fartsburg: vocals 1,9
dick castrato: vocals 1,9
sister mary pignewton: vocals 1,9
giuseppe fellatio: vocals 1,9
mary mcgee: vocals 1,9

  1. curb your god
  2. i want you
  3. betty poptarts
  4. lesson 1
  5. dance of the bouncing hornballs
  6. just do me tonight
  7. hannibal lecter's bbq
  8. rainbow seeds of mass destruction
  9. it will be over before ya know it