the primetime sublime

The primeTime sublime Community Orchestra was formed by Paul Minotto in 2000. It mixes modern music with jazz, rock, world music, country and film music styles.



the prime-time sublime: (    )
    (2003, cd, usa, private release)


the primetime sublime community orchestra: a life in a day of a mircoorganism
    (2004, cd, usa, private release)


the pTsCO: songs that will never win a grammy
    (2005, cd, usa, corporate blob records cbr 003)


random notes

January 2004, Paul Minotto wrote:

(drum roll please...)
A Year in the Making...Weeks of gut-wrenching writing...Days of grueling recording...Hours of torturous editing...
The primeTime sublime Community Orchestra formally announces (with great, self-indulgent irreverence) the release of their latest CD entitled A Life in A Day of A Microorganism on the CORPORATE BLOB RECORDS label.

IT contains:
Listen to excepts and view all the CD artwork:

Info: Paul Minotto

may 2005

The New pTsCO CD brought to YOU by Corporate Blob Records - 8 pop songs (and 1 instrumental) subverted beyond the commercial realm.
All the vocals were digitally manufactured with an IBM personal computer and the latest voice synthesis technology developed by AT&T and the Yamaha Corporation.
Mastering by Andy VanDette at Masterdisk Studios, New York City.

- Curb Your God
The Grand Opening Number featuring 7 singers advocating the virtues of limiting the influence of oneıs External Transcendent Moral Authority. (well, maybe not)
Note the quotes: a fragment of What the World Needs Now by Burt Bacharach sung by a robot and the Ken-L-Ration Dog Food Jingle ("My Dog's Better Than Your Dog...") which occurs during the last section in the low brass.

- I Want You
A love song - a sort of pathologically obsessed recomposition beyond recognition of Billy Joel's I Love You Just The Way You Are
with Sting's Every Breath You Take. (well, maybe not)

- Betty Poptarts
The ballad of the record with contributions by Richard Nixon, Hillary Clinton, both George Bushes, a group of TV commercial announcers, some evangelist I canıt remember the name of, Betty and Ken.
Refers to those individuals who look for paths to happiness outside of themselves in ideas of a political, religious or materialistic nature, pre-organized for effortless convenience which enables one to escape from the real issues which are within oneself.

- Lesson 1
English as a 2nd language for nonearthlings taught by native speakers.

- Dance of the Bouncing Hornballs
A kind-of-but-not-really interlude: the instrumental track of the record.

- Just Do Me Tonight
Picture if you will, a man, a lonely man who sits at the same seat in the same neighborhood bar night after night. He doesnıt have many friends and is unable to give or receive love - a junkyard of memories and unresolved emotions. At the end of the night he "scores" with a big, boobed, blonde bimbo from Brooklyn.
Recorded live in the lounge at Murphyıs Sea Bay Inn, Normandy Beach, New Jersey.

- Hannibal Lecterıs BBQ
Progressive Rock so progressive it isnıt Rock anymore.
What if Hannibal Lecter invited you over for a neighborhood barbeque one sunny, Saturday afternoon?

- Rainbow Seeds of Mass Destruction
What if Samuel Beckett wrote a screenplay for a Disney movie about a cockroach who became president?
A song of political propaganda gone awry.
The line ³Jesus was a Republican² got edited out for aesthetic, not religious or political reasons.
The 2nd half is an electronic soundscape of a nuclear fallout with TV commercial announcements. Advertising of commodities during nuclear fallout may seem absurd to most; but remember: comparable to the World Cup or the Super Bowl, Armageddon will be televised and commercial time will be very expensive.

- It Will Be Over Before Ya Know It
An inspirational song of joy and hope designed to uplift the wrinkled hearts of the masses and create eternal peace, love and understanding throughout the world and itıs neighbors. (well, maybe not)


-- Info: Paul Minotto


What Do Star Wars, Luciano Pavarotti and an Orchestra of Clowns  Have In Common?

Robots have come along way since the intelligent, tin cans on wheels of the mid-20th century.  Today, robots assist handicapped people, build cars, perform microsurgery, clean rugs and perhaps one day will fight wars for humans.  And why not entertainment?

"The idea is not to recreate Puccini or Wagner," says Paul Minotto, composer and founder of the primeTime sublime Community Orchestra, an alternative classical ensemble that uses computers and wears costumes during a performance. "This will be a contemporary opera performed and sung by robots."

Minotto read a story about Yoshii Tagu, a computer programmer and inventor in Tokyo, and his experiments with altering and extending the capabilities of commercially available robots such as AIBO, the robot dog made by Japan's Sony Corporation.

"One of the robots Yoshii was working with was a Wakamaru, a household robot developed by the Mitsubishi Corporation. This robot can talk," says Minotto.

"I was beginning to work with voice synthesis software at the time and approached Yoshii with the possibility of making a Wakamaru or an AIBO sing."

In the past, one of the problems of electronically simulated voices had to do with the synthetic quality of the voice - they sounded like robots. Recent developments in voice synthesis technology developed by AT&T and the Yamaha Corporation have changed all that.

"We are designing the robots for the purpose of singing and acting as in response to human interaction or other robots," says Minotto.

"Getting them to sing is the easy part."

While working out the details of using the singing software in the robots, Minotto and the primeTime sublime Community Orchestra recorded a new CD which features vocals sung entirely by a computer.

Songs That Will Never Win A Grammy is an eclectic mix of pop songs and soundbites with contributions by Richard Nixon, Hillary Clinton, both George Bushes, and other celebrities. From the majestic opening of Curb Your God which features 7 different digital singers, to the crooner on Rainbow Seeds of Mass Destruction, the vocals sound as if by human performers not a machine.

"The singing on this CD is an example of what the operatic robots will sound like, but in a pop music context," claims Minotto.

Robots entertaining humans is not a new idea. In 1992, Dr. Ingo Titze, Director of the National Center for Voice and Speech in Denver, and one of the world's foremost vocal physicists created a computerized model of Luciano Pavarotti's voice. Pavarobotti is a singing robot that has performed with Titze, an accomplished tenor, in presentations combining science with vocal music.  More recently, Sony developed the SDR-4X - a human-shaped robot which can sing and dance. It is only 24 inches tall and costs as much as a luxury car.

But the logistics of creating robots that work together and with humans in an opera is something else.

"After we solve the problems of interaction, we have to deal with realism of character so that the robots have an identity, a personality," says Minotto.

"Maybe we should program the soprano robot with an inflated ego: a true Prima Donna."

- End -



-- 2005/12/13 --


Babies were up for auction on eBay's Chinese subsidiary, Eachnet. Boys were going for $3,450, while girls cost $1,603... Many people thought that a stain on a wall in Chicago was actually a miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary... A woman in Afghanistan was stoned to death for adultery... A Rhode Island man was arrested after he offered an undercover policewoman T-bone steaks in exchange for sex... The Girl Scouts were suing people who didn't pay for their cookies... Doctors in Belgium treated a fifteen-year-old Iraqi girl for leg wounds caused by a cluster bomb, then sent the bill to the U.S. embassy... The Clovis, New Mexico police locked down a middle school, closed off several streets, and placed officers on rooftops before discovering that what they thought was a weapon carried by a student was actually a thirty-inch burrito...


...Florida police were looking for a naked man who steals into the homes of elderly women late at night and tickles their feet... People in Zanzibar were living in fear of a sexually rapacious, sodomy-prone goblin named Popo Bawa... Dr. W. David Hager, the George W. Bush-appointed adviser to the FDA and a vocal opponent of emergency contraception, abortion, and pre-marital sex, was accused by his ex-wife of anally raping her on a regular basis over many years. Hager is the author of the books "As Jesus Cared for Women" and, with his wife, "Stress and the Woman's Body."... American funeral homes were earning frequent-flier miles every time they shipped a corpse... In the West Bank, Israeli soldiers broke into the home of a Palestinian family so that they could watch a soccer game... An Australian woman was arrested for attempting to bring fifty-one tropical fish into the country hidden in her skirt... Berlin police, acting on a kidnapping tip, stopped a car and pulled a man from the car's trunk; it turned out the man, wearing only a thong and collar, was a voluntary sex slave... A woman in Pennsylvania offered her newborn baby's clothes as a billboard for advertising. "Everyone looks at babies," she said... UNICEF released a short film that shows an airstrike attack on a village of Smurfs...


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...It was reported that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay tortured prisoners with the music of Christina Aguilera... A study showed that the world military budget was about $1,035,000,000,000 in 2004; the United States accounted for nearly half of that... Two women were upset when they visited a Houston mausoleum and found that the cremated remains of their mother had been replaced by a can of sour-cream-and-onion potato chips... Police in Nigeria arrested a cow for murder... A German woman named Petra Ficker threw her husband, Frank Ficker, out of the house after her parrot cried out the name of Mr. Ficker's mistress, Uta. "It's just me and my parrot now," said Petra... He acted on divine orders. "God would tell me," Bush said, "'George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan.' And I did, and then God would tell me, 'George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq...' And I did."... In Maryland the first kill of bear season was credited to Sierra Stiles, an eight-year-old girl, who shot a 211-pound bear twice in the chest with a .243-caliber rifle. "They won't eat now," Sierra said of bears. "They won't eat a thing."...


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...British potato farmers held protests against the Oxford English Dictionary; they were offended by the term "couch potato."... At the U.S. Justice Department, the $8,000 modesty curtains used to cover the bareness of the statues of Majesty of Justiceand Spirit of Justice were removed, once again exposing an aluminum nipple... A Zamboni driver in Morristown, New Jersey, was charged with drunk Zamboni driving... Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer called on Canadian Parliament to hold hearings on the best way to deal with extraterrestrials. "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war," said Hellyer, "that I just think I had to say something."... In Muncie, Indiana, a paraplegic man was on his way to Mount Zion Baptist Church when his motorized wheelchair became stuck on some train tracks. He was thrown ten yards and killed by a thirty-eight-car freight train... A Cambodian man found his mother after being separated from her for thirty years, then learned that she was also the mother of his wife... The Environmental Protection Agency was working on ways to limit the radioactivity of the planned Yucca Mountain, Nevada, nuclear-waste dump for the next 1 million years... Police in Moldova were looking for a man who robs banks by hypnotizing the tellers...The Vatican announced that men with "deep-rooted homosexual tendencies" may not become Roman Catholic priests. Men who experienced "transitory"homosexual tendencies at least three years ago, however, may... The community council of Perthshire, Scotland, forced a developer to change the layout of his housing development so that it would not disturb fairies... In Manchester, New Hampshire, a man named Ronald MacDonald was arrested for stealing $133 from a safe at a Wendy's restaurant... There was a shortage of Santas in Perth, Australia; current Santas said that the risk of litigation was too great. "Once upon a time you'd walk through the mall saying 'Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas'," said Santa John Gomez, "but now you say nothing."


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