the nice

diamond hard blue apples of the moon
    - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)

2010 2cd usa leadclass / microwerks mw 067

recorded in concert or at radio sessions, 1968 / 1970

keith emerson: keyboards, vocals
lee jackson: bass, vocals
brian davison: percussion
davy o'list: guitar  (disc one only)

disc 1

  1. she belongs to me  (dylan)

  2. flower king of files (emerson, jackson)

  3. sombrero sam   (lloyd)

  4. you keep me hanging on  (holland, dozier, holland)

  5. the thoughts of emerlist davjack  (ermson, o'list)

  6. brandenburg  (emerson, davison, jackson)

  7. diamond hard blue apples of the moon (emerson, jackson)

  8. ars longa vita brevis (emerson, davison, jackson, o'list)

  9. aries  (garson, wilson)

  10. lumpy gravy (zappa)  

  11. little arabella (emerson, jackson)

  12. happy freuds (emerson, jackson)

  13. get to you  (hillman, mcguin)

  14. america  (bernstein, sondheim)

disc 2

  1. introduction  (emerson, jackson, davison)

  2. i'm not one of those people  (emerson, jackson)

  3. azrael revisited  (emerson, jackson)

  4. blues of the prairies  (peterson)

  5. diary of an empty day (emerson, jackson)

  6. for example  (emerson, jackson)

  7. st. thomas  (rollins)

  8. intermezzo karelia suite  (sibelius)

  9. hang on to a dream  (hardin)

  10. countrie pie - brandenburg concerto no.6  (dylan)

  11. rondo  (brubeck)

  12. pathetique (symphony no.6  3rd movement)  (emerson, eger)

  13. five bridges suite  (emerson)