the nice

August 6, 1968, The Nice recorded Frank Zappa's 'Lumpy Gravy' for a BBC Top Gear session.

The sessions got broadcast on August 25 of the same year, featuring Keith Emerson on keyboards.

The recordings got released in 2002, but could already be found on a bootleg album.






  the nice: complete broadcast tape
    (1999, 2cd-bootleg, japan, highland-304/05) - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)
  the nice: bbc sessions
    (2002, cd, uk, castle music cmfcd 457) - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)
  the nice: ars longa vita brevis
    (2003, 2cd, uk, caste music cmqdd791) - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)
thenice_arslonga.jpg (23589 bytes)
  the nice: diamond hard blue apples of the moon
    (2010, 2cd, usa, leadclass / microwerks mw 067) - incl. 'lumpy gravy' (frank zappa)
nice_diamondhardblue.jpg (52359 bytes)


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