the muffin men

incl.compositions by don van vliet and by frank zappa, feat. jc black

2003 cd uk private release mmcd 13/1

recorded at 'the cavern', liverpool, uk

roddie gilliard: guitar, bass and vocal
carl bowry: lead guitar
martin smith: trumpet, horn and dancing
andy frizell: flute, saxes and vocal
tilo pirnbaum: drums
jimmy carl black: vocals and percussion

  1. trouble every day (f.zappa)
  2. plastic factory (d.van vliet)
  3. great white buffalo (, bailey)
  4. t'mershi duween (f.zappa)
  5. wonderful wino (f.zappa, j.simmons)
  6. eat that question (f.zappa)
  7. come together / drive my car (j.lennon, p.mccartney)
  8. flower punk (f.zappa)