the muffin men

    - all compositions by frank zappa

1998 cd eec muffin records cd-056

ian jump: lead guitar, vocal
paul ryan: drums, vocal
andy frizell: flute, sax, trombone, vocal
dave dominey: bass, vocal
roddie gilliard: guitar, vocal
jimmy carl black: percussion, dialogue, vocal
ian bamford: vocal

  1. big swifty
  2. magic fingers
  3. mammy theme
  4. find her finer
  5. what's the ugliest part of your body?
  6. clownz on velvet
  7. what's the ugliest part of your body? (reprise)
  8. litttle umbrellas
  9. let's make the water turn black
  10. come up here, it's great  (the muffin men)
  11. halfway the stairs  (the muffin men)
  12. packard goose
  13. pigs in space  (the muffin men)
  14. anyway the wind blows
  15. plastic factory  (don van vliet)
  16. the air
  17. the return of the son of mr. green genes
  18. poofters froth wyoming plans ahead
  19. what's the ugliest part of your body? (reprise)
  20. big leg emma
  21. duprees paradise
  22. big swifty (reprise)