the muffin men

    - all compositions by frank zappa

1997 cd eec muffin records cdmrp 054

paul ryan: drums, vocal
ian jump: lead guitar, vocal
andy frizell: flute, sax, trombone, vocal
roddie gilliard: guitar, vocal
dave dominey: bass, vocal
andy jacobson: rhodes, moog, organ, vocal
tony whittaker: acoustic piano
jimmy carl black: dialogue
grace hunt: vocals
katie chamberlain: vocals

  1. intro
  2. jones crusher
  3. chunga’s revenge
  4. tryin' to grow a chin
  5. uncle meat phase one
  6. transylvania boogie
  7. if nine was six  (the muffin men)
  8. that's a nice jumper  (the muffin men)
  9. transylvania boogie reprise
  10. uncle meat phase two
  11. sanberdino
  12. king kong (in-a-rub-a-dub-style)
  13. uncle meat phase three
  14. city of tiny lites
  15. i ain't got no heart
  16. absolutely free
  17. king kong itself
  18. the green pear trip  (jimmy carl black)
  19. king kong (as waco sees it)
  20. piano introduction to 'little house i used to live in' (revised)
  21. outro