the muffin men

    - all compositions by frank zappa

1994 cd ger muffin records cdmr 012

  mike kidson: saxes, vocals
  ian jump: stunt guitar
  andy jacobson: keys, vocals
  roddie gilliard: guitar, vocals
  ike willis: guitar, vocals
  john ellis: keys, vocals
  jake newman: bass, vocals
  andy treacey: drums
  jimmy carl black: madness

  1. mr. green genes
  2. easy meat
  3. cleetus awreetus awrightus
  4. lucille has messed my mind up  (zappa, simmons)
  5. heavy duty judy
  6. i'm the slime
  7. carolina hardcore ecstasy
  8. king kong
  9. why does it hurt when i pee
  10. bamboozled by love
  11. pick me i'm clean
  12. outside now
  13. she go ape  (the muffin men)
  14. camarillo brillo
  15. king kong