the muffin men

say cheese and thank you
    - all compositions by frank zappa

1993 cd ger muffin records cdmr 004

  roddie gilliard: guitar, vocals
  ian jump: stunt guitar
  andy jacobson: keys, vocals
  mike kidson: saxes, vocals
  andy frizell: bass, vocals
  steve belger: drums
  jimmy carl black: vocals 17,18
  eva braun: vocals
  nigel glockler: vocals
  paul watson: vocals
  rikki rieger: vocals
  regine richter: vocals
  stephen breiting: vocals

  1. peaches
  2. cosmik debris
  3. sofa
  4. dirty love
  5. small medley
  6. uncle remus
  7. let's make the water turn black
  8. harry, you're a beast
  9. oh no
  10. son of orange county
  11. love of my life
  12. let's move to cleveland
  13. return to baltimore
  14. let's move to cleveland (reprise)
  15. in france
  16. yo mama
  17. willie the pimp
  18. muffin man