the magic band

oxford, june 6, 2005
- all compositions by don van vliet

2011 cd usa sundazed

mark 'rockette morton' boston: bass
john 'drumbo' french: vocals, harmonica, drums on instrumentals
gary 'mantis' lucas: guitars (left ear guitar)
denny 'feelers reebo' walley: guitars (right ear guitar)
michael traylor: drums on vocal tracks


all compositions by don van vliet

  1. gimme dat harp boy

  2. dropout boogie

  3. diddy wah diddy

  4. low yo yo stuff

  5. when it blows its stacks

  6. kandy korn

  7. hair pie

  8. on tomorrow

  9. china pig

  10. steal softly thru snow

  11. abba zaba

  12. my human gets me blues

  13. alice in blunderland

  14. electricity

  15. evening bell

  16. the floppy boot stomp

  17. big eyed beans from venus

  18. mirror man