the magic band

magnetic draw
- all compositions by don van vliet

2015 2dvd uk urban apache

recorded live at 'the engine shed', lincoln,uk, 2014/05/23

john 'drumbo' french: lead vocals, harmonica, soprano saxophone and drums
mark 'rockette morton' boston: bass

denny 'feelers reebo' walley: slide guitar
eric klerks: guitar, bass
andrew niven: drums

produced by stewart macgregor and philip stevens 

all compositions by don van vliet, except where noted

disc one

  1. clear spot
  2. abba zaba
  3. bass solo
  4. when it blows it stacks
  5. golden birdies
  6. hot head
  7. nowadays a woman't gotta hit a man
  8. ella guru
  9. pachuco cadaver
  10. kandy korn
  11. on tomorrow
  12. suction prints
  13. hair pie : bake 1
  14. steal softly through snow
  15. grown so ugly
  16. owed t'alex
  17. mirror man
  18. sugar 'n' spikes
  19. big eyed beans from venus
  20. circumstances
  21. electricity

disc two