the magic band

live in concert & crow's milk

2004 dvd uk subdiva 001

part one

recorded in concert, 2003/04/07,
'shepherds bush empire', london, uk

john french: drums, vocals and harmonica
gary lucas: guitar
denny walley: guitar
mark boston: bass
robert williams: drums

all compositions by don van vliet

  1. abba zaba
  2. my human gets me blues
  3. steal softly thru snow
  4. gone bops over mount kilimanjaro (john french)
  5. on tomorrow
  6. evening bell
  7. alice in blunderland
  8. big toe
  9. veterans' day poppy
  10. floppy boot stomp
  11. china pig
  12. dropout boogie
  13. nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man
  14. when it blows it stacks
  15. circumstances
  16. i'm gonna booglarize you baby
  17. click clack
  18. moonlight on vermont
  19. sun zoom spark
  20. big eyed beans from venus

part two

"crow's milk" - reunion documentary