the magic band

back to the front

2003 cd uk atprcd 7

recorded 2003/02 at paradoxx sound studios,
palmdale, ca, usa

gary lucas: guitar
denny walley: guitar
mark boston: bass
john french: drums, harmonica, vocals

all compositions by don van vliet

  1. my human gets me blues
  2. click clack
  3. abba zaba
  4. i'm gonna booglarize you baby
  5. sun zoom spark
  6. alice in blunderland
  7. steal softly thru snow
  8. dropout boogie
  9. moonlight on vermont
  10. circumstances
  11. on tomorrow
  12. the floppy boot stomp
  13. hair pie
  14. nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man
  15. when it blows its stacks
  16. i wanna find a woman that'll hold my big toe till i have to go
  17. sure 'nuff 'n yes id do (bonus track)