david moss

David Moss performed Zappa compositions with the Ensemble Modern.

February 2011, Jonathan Stockhammer directed the PMCE and David Moss, performing "The Yellow Shark. Get Ready To Zappa. The Roman Concert."


  markus stauss project: new duos 'n' trios
    (1992, cd, switzerland, xopf records cd nr.14)

stauss_newduosntrios.jpg (53480 bytes)

  ensemble modern: ensemble modern plays frank zappa - greggery peccary & other persuasions
    (2003, cd, ger, bmg 82876 56061 2) - all compositions by frank zappa

  david moss and hannes strobl: at the beach - music for voice and electric bass
    (2014, cd, poland, monotype rec)
moss_strobl_atthebeach.jpg (29428 bytes)



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