ensemble modern

ensemble modern plays frank zappa
 - greggery peccary & other persuasions

2003 cd ger bmg 82876 56061 2

recorded july 1 - 7, 2002 and december 14, 2002
in frankfurt, germany

  the ensemble modern
  jonathan stockhammer: conductor
  omar ebrahim: voice
  david moss: voice

arrangements and transcriptions: ali n. askin

synclavier transcriptions: todd yvega

produced by uli schneider

sound director: norbert ommer

  1. moggio
  2. what will rumi do?
  3. night school
  4. revised music for low budget orchestra
  5. the beltway bandits
  6. a pig with wings
  7. put a motor in yourself
  8. peaches en regalia
  9. naval aviation in art?
  10. the adventures of greggery peccary