john & yoko / plastic ono band

sometime in new york city
    - feat.frank zappa and the mothers

1972 2lp uk apple
19?? 2cd usa capitol cdp 7 46783 2



disc 1: sometime in new york city

john lennon
yoko ono
the plastic ono band

  1. woman is the nigger of the world
  2. sisters, o sisters
  3. attica state
  4. born in a prison
  5. new york city
  6. sunday bloody sunday
  7. the luck of the irish
  8. john sinclair
  9. we're all water

disc 2: live jam
(tracks 3 - 6 with frank zappa and the mothers of invention

frank zappa: guitar, dialog
mark volman: lead vocals, dialog
howard kaylan: lead vocals, dialog
ian underwood: woodwinds, keyboards, vocals
aynsley dunbar: drums
jim pons: bass, vocals, dialog
bob harris: 2nd keyboard, vocals
don preston: mini-moog

  1. cold turkey
  2. don't worry kyoko
  3. well (baby please don't go)
  4. jamrag
  5. scumbag
  6. au