john lennon

live in new york city

1986 cd usa capital records cdp 7 46196 2

recorded on august 30, 1972 at madison square garden
digitally remastered

the plastic ono elephants memory band

john lennon: guitar keyboards
yoko ono: keyboards
stan bronstein: saxophone
wayne 'tex' gabriel: lead guitar
john ward: bass
gary van scyoc: bass
jim keltner: drums
rick frank: drums
adam ippolito: keyboards

  1. new york city
  2. it's so hard
  3. woman is the nigger of the world
  4. well, well, well
  5. instant karma (we all shine on)
  6. mother
  7. come together
  8. imagine
  9. cold turkey
  10. hound dog
  11. give peace a chance