jon larsen

the jimmy carl black story
    – feat.jimmy carl black & tommy mars

2008 2cd norway zonic entertainment zen 2003/2004

part one: "jimmy carl black's dax reduction"

recorded january 2008 in oslo, norway

jon larsen: guitar 
jimmy carl black: vocals
ola kvernberg: violin
rob waring: marimba
knut reiersrud: guitar, harmonica
kirk van houten: keyboards
bill white: bass
andreas bye: drums
tommy mars: keyboards  (8-10)
ole morten vågan: bass  (8-10)
håkon mjåset johansen: drums  (8-10)

text andmusic by jon larsen

tracks 8 - 10 sound engineered by arthur barrow

produced by jon larsen

  1. en route
  2. hi boys and girls, i'm jimmy carl black
  3. an early glimpse of planet ruth
  4. spaceship bigear III
  5. turn it on, elliot
  6. a helping had from unca mickey
  7. opal, you hot little bitch
  8. jimmy carl black's dachs reduction
  9. mayday from space
  10. first encounter in space with a real martian
  11. oh no, she's trying to rip my spacesuit open
  12. a creature is lurking in the shadow
  13. jimmy-as-a-ghost

part two: "the jimmy carl black story"
the rockumentary

the rockumentary "the jimmy carl black story" was told to jon larson at the arena studio, oslo, 8 august 2007.
sound engineering arne-peter rognan.
edited by jon larsen and anders svinndal.

  1. "the jimmy carl black story"