jon larsen

strange news from mars
    – feat.various ex-zappa bandmembers

2007 cd norway zonic entertainment zen 2001

jon larsen: guitar
tommy mars: keyboards
bruce fowler: trombone
jimmy carl black: vocals, percussion 18
arthur barrow: bass
rob waring: marimba
knut reiersrud: guitar, harmonica
ole morten vågan: bass
håkon mjåset johansen: drums

  1. goodbye to earth
  2. the eons are closing
  3. mutant fromage
  4. dachs reduction
  5. a windy day on mars
  6. air sculpting in vacuum
  7. strange day on mars
  8. cydonian music
  9. mars under the radar
  10. cinderella on the event horizon of a black hole
  11. the quilt
  12. the secret world for today
  13. conseptual continuity on the red planet
  14. norwegisher schweinhund
  15. capt. zurcon's cranberry cocktail
  16. unwanted sexual attention in space
  17. optional entertainment in zero gravitation
  18. tax the churches
  19. music is the best