A recording of Jagatara performing Frank Zappa's 'Black Napkins' circulates.


Additional info from Avo and from Yosuke

Jagatara is a Japanese word from 100-200 years ago and it's difficult to explain. There used to be a very famous funk band named "JAGATARA" in the 80's-early 90's in Japan.

JAGATARA comes from "JAGA" & "TARA": "JAGA" means "Potato", and " TARA " means Fish...(a cod(fish)). I think it means "mixed together many things".

The band "Jagatara" is a fundamentally a funk band (like Fela-Kute). They also respect FZ and etc ....
The band stoppend around 1991 because lead singer Edo Akemi had died.
They didnít perform FZ but they did respect FZ.

Jagatara has over 15 CDs and 4 DVDs out.

Every year there is a festival called "Jagatara Matsuri(Festival)". A tribute to ex-Jagatara members, of which 3 members have already passed away.

This is the main page of the festival (in Japanese):  http://www.loft-prj.co.jp/jagatara/

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