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from J21's website:

Born in Barcelona, the 4the of december of 1977, J21 started playing guitar at 10. Inspired by the great Frank Zappa, he started composing music at a very early age. At his 16th birthday, Frank Zappa died. This event marked J21's life forever and Zappa's music has ever since been the main inspiration in J21's career. J21 has recorded over the years with such great artists as Arthur Barrow (Zappa, The Doors), Ed Mann (Zappa), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz), Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Geoff Tyson (T-Ride, Snake River Conspiracy), etc.

In 2001, he organised the "Eyeinhand Project" to celebrate his admiration for Frank Zappa's music. As a result, the "Eyeinhand CD" was released featuring music by Don Preston, Arthur Barrow, Mike Keneally, Thana Harris feat.Steve Vai, Scott Thunes and J21 himself.

"Yellow Mind, Blue Mind" is J21's first solo album.

J21 contributed a track to the "21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" tribute that got released on Cordelia Records in 2010.


  various artists: eyeinhand sampler volume 1
    (2001, cd, spain, vaso music vm 032) - all zappa related artists

  j21: yellow mind : blue mind
    (2008, download, spain, private release) - feat. ed mann

  various artists: 21 burnt weeny sandwiches
    (2010, cd, uk, cordelia records) - all compositions by frank zappa

  j21: beyond the holographic veil
    (2011, cd, uk, floating world records freem5033) - feat. scott thunes, ed mann, robert martin, don preston, andrew greenaway & marco minnemann
j21_veil.jpg (34064 bytes)
  various artists: on broadway - covers of invention
    (2013, cd, uk, cordelia records)

onbroadway.jpg (23124 bytes)

  various artists: rare episodes
    (2014, cd, uk, cordelia) - all compositions by frank zappa
rare_episodes_cordelia.jpg (36285 bytes)


random notes

2008 09
from J21

My name is J21 and I have just recorded a solo album that might be of interest to you. The record is called "Yellow Mind : Blue Mind"(tittle suggested by Don Preston) and features some great musicians as legendary hard rock singer Graham Bonnet (RAINBOW, MSG, ALCATRAZZ, IMPELLITTERI), Trey Gunn (KING CRIMSON, KTU, TREY GUNN BAND), Geoff Tyson (T-RIDE) and Ed Mann (FRANK ZAPPA). The album is dedicated to FZ.

You can hear 2 songs of it in my Myspace:

Btw, years ago I organized and produced the Eyeinhand Sampler under the name of J. D'Amour, featuring songs from Thama Harris, Arthur Barrow, Mike Keneally, Muffin Men, etc...

Warm regards,





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