paul humphrey

Paul Humphrey took part in Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" recording sessions.




1961 harris, eddie- artist's choice: the eddie harris a (drums, vocals)

  1962 harris, gene- three sounds  (percussion)  
  1963 mccann, les- gospel truth  
  les mccann: back at the chicken shack
    (1963, lp, usa, pacific jazz pl-78)
  1965 alexander, monty- alexander the great  
  1965 mccann, les- live at shelly's manne-hole  

1967 henderson, wayne- people get ready

  1968 deshannon, jackie- laurel canyon  
  1968 mitchell, blue- collision in black  
  1969 turner, big joe- bosses of the blues, vol. 1  
  1969 bryant, bobby- jazz excursion into "hair"  

1969 jones, quincy- i heard that!

  1969 mitchell, blue- bantu village  
  1969 jolly, pete- seasons  
  1969 cocker, joe- with a little help from my friends  
  1969 cocker, joe- joe cocker!  


frank zappa: hot rats
   (1969, lp, usa, bizarre)

  1969 kynard, charles- reelin' with the feelin'  
  1969 ponty, jean-luc- electric connection  
  1970 hedge & donna- special circumstances  
  1970 spann, otis- sweet giant of the blues  
  1970 pass, joe- better days  
  1971 england dan & john ford- fables  
  1971 kooper, al- new york city (you're a woman)  
  1971 previn, dory- mythical kings & iguanas (percussion)  
  1971 weisberg, tim- tim weisberg     
  1971 feather, leonard- night blooming jazzmen  
  1971 harris, gene- and the three sounds (percussion)  
  1972 four tops- keeper of the castle   
  1972 little richard- dollars  
  1972 adams, arthur- its private tonight  
  1972 horn, jim- through the eye  
  1972 kooper, al- possible projection of future  
  1972 robinson, freddy- at the drive in (percussion, drums)  

1972 smith, jimmy [1]- root down

  1972 ammons, gene- free again  
  1973 springfield, dusty- cameo  
  1973 fifth dimension- living together, growing together  
  1973 four tops- main street people  
  1973 franks, michael- michael franks  
  1973 walker, david t- david t walker  
  1973 brown, genie- woman alone  
  1973 gaye, marvin- let's get it on  
  1973 paul humphrey- america, wake up  
  1974 kernochan, sarah- beat around the bush  
  1974 walker, t-bone- very rare  
  1974 burigan, ken- big wow wow strain  
  1974 muldaur, maria- waitress in a donut shop  
  1974 jones, quincy- body heat  
  1975 muldaur, geoff- is having a wonderful time  
  1975 harris, eddie- that is why you're overweight  
  1976 saunders, merl- you can keep your hat on  
  1976 mccann, les- river high, river low  
  1976 king, albert- albert  
  1977 harris, eddie- how can you live like that  
  1977 harris, eddie- one man section  
  1977 steely dan- aja  
  1977 cole, natalie- thankful  
  1978 callier, terry- fire on ice  
  1978 harley, steve- hobo with a grin  
  1978 hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich  


frank zappa: studio tan
   (1978, lp, usa, discreet)

  1979 jones, gloria- windstorm  
  1979 robbins, rockie- rockie robbins  
  1979 valentine brothers- valentine brothers  
  1979 steely dan- greatest hits  
  1979 's wonderful: concord jazz salutes  
  1981 paul humphrey sextet  
  1982 steely dan- gold  
  1983 franks, michael- previously unavailable  
  1984 wilson, gerald- calafia  
  1986 short, bobby- guess who's in town, the songs of a  
  1986 james, etta- blues in the night 1  
  1986 james, etta- late show (#2 blues in the night)  
  1986 shaw, marlena- it is love  
  1987 mcrae, carmen- fine and mellow: live at birdland w  
  1988 pastor, guy- it's magic (percussion, drums)  
  1988 witherspoon, jimmy- rockin' l.a.  
  1988 robinson, spike- just a bit o' blues, vol. 1  
  1988 robinson, spike- just a bit o' blues, vol. 2  
  1989 holloway, red- locksmith blues  
  1991 concord jazz christmas  
  1992 mccann, hoops band- plays the music of steely dan  
  1992 hitsville usa: the motown singles c  
  1992 blue break beats, vol. 1 (percussion)  
  1992 eschete, ron- mo' strings attached  
  1992 harris, gene- brotherhood  
  1992  jazz celebration: a tribute to carl  
  1993 fujitsu-concord 25th jazz festival  
  1993 king, albert- ultimate collection  
  1993 steely dan- citizen steely dan  
  1993 harris, gene- little piece of heaven  
  1994 fujitsu-concord 26th jazz festival  
  1994 kaye, carol- first lady of pop  

1994 harris, gene- funky gene's

  1994 stallings, mary- i waited for you  
  1995 stallings, mary- spectrum  
  1995 holloway, red- live at the floating jazz festival  
  1995 james, etta- time after time  
  1995 eschete, ron- rain or shine (percussion, drums)  
  1995 harris, gene- it's the real soul  
  1995 turrentine, stanley- flipped  
  1995 wiggins, gerry- soulidarity  
  1995 hope, dolores- now & then  
  1996 zucchero- spirito divino [a&m] (art direction, design)  
  1996 eschete, ron- soft winds    
  1996 harris, gene- in his hands  
  1996 blue break beats, vol. 3 (percussion)  
  1996 harris, gene- down home blues  


frank zappa: lšther
   (1996, 3cd, usa, ryko)
  1997 texas tenors- texas tenors  
  1997 arlen, harold- harold arlen songbook  
  1997 swingin' jazz for hipst- swingin' jazz for hipsters, vol. 1  
       elliott, ron- candlestick maker  
       jazz club: drums- jazz club: drums (percussion, drums)  
       edison, harry- harry "sweets" edison and jonah jon  
       king, clydie- direct me  
       kennedy, raymond louis- kennedy, raymond louis  
       mccann, les- fish this week  
       daugherty, jack- jack daugherty and the class of nin  
       paul humphrey & the cool aid chemists  


random notes

aka: paul nelson humphrey

born: oct 10, 1935 in detroit, mi


a longtime session drummer who never emerged as a star in jazz circles, paul humphrey and his cool aid chemists had a short stay in the limelight when his single "cool aid" made it into the r&b top 20 in 1971. humphrey and his group even made an appearance on american bandstand, as the song stayed on the charts 11 weeks and cracked the pop top 40. but it was back to obscurity when "funky l.a." stalled at 45. humphrey's list of credits included sessions with wes montgomery, les mccann, kai winding, charles mingus, lee konitz, and gene ammons, among others, in the '60s. -- ron wynn

      from: patrick neve
it looks as if paul played with shuggie otis for bob dylan's band in '86. i found this tape listed in a dylan tape trading site:
marriot hotel- providence, ri 07/10/86
the songs:
you win again, i'm a king bee, let the good times roll, earth angel, goodnightsweetheart.
a rather rough amateur recording, compromised by a good bit of rumble and tape hiss. etta james shares vocals, paul humphrey on drums, jack mcduff on the organ, shuggie otis on guitar, and richard reid on bass. 60 min.

if you watch old reruns of the lawrence welk tv show, you will occassionally see paul humphrey playing the drums. this has to make him one of the more diverse figures in the history of music.

      from: murray inkster (
i heard an interview with the dust brothers about the producing of beck's album "odelay!" and they mentioned paul humphrey & the cool aid chemists as one of the major inspirations for the sounds of that album. you can hear the interview at



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