jim guercio

fz's words from "the incredible history of the mothers", june 1968:

"then ray collins, the lead vocalist, quit and there were  three  mothers.  we  hired jim guercio, who now manages chad & jeremy and produces records for the buckinghams. he was  part  of  our  group  for  a while.  also,  somewhere along the line, we had hired steve mann, who is also one of the top blues guitarists on the west coast. he wanted  to play in the group but he couldn't make the changes and we got rid of him. then we hired elliot ingber and ray came  back in  the  band and there were five mothers. we cut our first album with those five- ray, roy, jim, elliot and  myself."

info from pat buzby:
jim guercio, of course, also went on to produce blood, sweat & tears and chicago.  also built caribou studios in colorado, where fz recorded in late '74.

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