the grandmothers

dreams on long play (4)
    - feat. jimmy carl black  

1993 cd ger muffin records cdm 002

a re-recorded, remixed version of this album got released in 1995.

the album was made available for download by crossfire productions in 2008, with 6 bonus tracks.

jimmy carl black: drums, indian drum, percussion
linda valdmets: violin, percussion, vocals
gerald 'eli' smith: woodwinds, vocals
ener bladezipper: bass, vocals, sometimes yeah
roland st.germain: guitar, keyboards, vocals
tomas ramirez: saxophone 8

  1. do it in the name of love (st.germain)
  2. waiting (black, smith, hogan)
  3. walk like a weasel (st.germain)
  4. not my problem (valdmets, st.germain)
  5. trail of tears (black)
  6. i've fallen and i can't get up (valdmets, st.germain)
  7. who did you love (black, bailey)
  8. manila gorilla (bladezipper, st.germain)
  9. who dicked who over (valdmets, st.germain)
  10. the great white buffalo (black, bailey)

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