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In 1961, Frank Zappa hired a bunch of studio musicians to record his 'Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance'. The track got released in 1996 (!!) on "The Lost Episodes".

The names of the participating musicians got misspelled on "The Lost Episodes". It should have read:

Chuck Glave: drums  (credited as Chuck Grove)
Caronga Ward
: bass
Tony Rodriquenz: alto sax  (credited as Tony Rodriguez)
Chuck Foster: trumpet
Danny Helferin: piano
Frank Zappa: guitar

the track appears on


frank zappa: the lost episodes
   (1996, cd, usa, ryko)

February 2008, Geoff Wills added:

Chuck Foster remembers Chuck Glave as playing drums on Frank Zappa's 1961 version of Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance. I recently spoke on the 'phone with Chuck Glave, and he did not remember being on the recording, but he said that he played a number of gigs with Zappa in the early 1960s. He remembered playing at Zappa's father's restaurant, when Zappa was trying to play jazz on vibraphone (this was probably 1963), and also doing some rock gigs with Zappa as well. He said that Zappa was definitely a jazz fan at this time. I think that it is probable that Chuck Glave did play on Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, but it may be too far back for him to remember.

Chuck is a member of the Regency Jazz Band, a San Antonio-based band formed in the early 1980s. They play Art Blakey-style hard bop, and are a fixture on the Texas festival circuit, with a loyal and regional base of long-time fans. The line-up is Al Gomez (trumpet); John Magaldi (saxes); Aaron Prado (piano); George Prado (bass); Chuck Glave (drums) and Shelley Murray (vocals). They appear on a track on the album Hot Tamales: A San Antonio Tribute to Robert Johnson (Bexar Nekkid, 2004).

Chuck also leads the Chuck Glave Quintet, and appears on the albums Jazzman by Pat Britt (1975) and the Mar Vista Sessions by the Michele Faber Trio (1999).

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