fried dähn & the yellow string quartet

picture by Mick Zeuner, 2012/08/02 at Zappanale

Cellist, composer and sound-artist Friedemann 'Fried' Dähn is working in classical, contemporary and electronic music as well as in media and video arts.

In 1989 he completed his studies with Johannes Goritzki at the Düsseldorf music conservatory "with exellence", after having taken part in additional master classes with Boris Pergamenschikow, Heinrich Schiff, Michael Flaksman and Misha Maisky.

Between 1990 and 1993 he has been cellist of the well known Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt, where he had the possibility to work with K.-H. Stockhausen, Ornette Coleman and Frank Zappa, to mention only a few. The Ensemble Modern was working a few years with Frank Zappa and finally presented 'The Yellow Shark' in Frankfurt.

Fried Dähn & The Yellow String Quartet will be performing at Zappanale #23.
Fried Dähn is a big Zappa fan and with the Yellow String Quartet, founded in the beginning of 2011, he wants to set a memorable counterpoint against all the electric guitars, keaboards and several drums at Zappanale.  
The members of the Yellow String Quartet are soloists from the Württembergische Philharmonie. Timo de Leo (violin), Konrad Balik (violin), Benjamin Hartung (viola) and Friedemann ,Fried' Dähn (cello) will play compositions from Igor Strawinsky, Dimitri Schostakowitsch, Joseph Haydn, Terry Riley, Fried Dähn and of course from Frank Zappa.

July 2015, Fried Dähn & das Onomatopoeia Perturbation Cosnort performed at Zappanale #26. Zappa's lyrics translated into German were recited on compositions by Fried Dähn.


The picture on the right shows The Yellow String quartet at the main stage at the Zappanale festival on 2012/08/02. Picture taken by Bazbo.
July 2019, Fried Dähn, Chris Garcia, Napoleon Murphy Brock and the Matthäus Winnitzki / John Hughes / Björn Lücke Trio performed a "Zappa Spielt Für Bach" concert at St. Katharinen in Hamburg, Germany.

Homepage Fried Dähn:


  various artists: shark gathering in post industrial bad doberan 2012
    (2013, 3dvdr, ger, private release / rr productions) - feat. frank zappa, l.shankar, the ensemble modern & incl. various bands playing zappa compositions
zappanale_exhib2012_01.jpg (42170 bytes) zappanale_exhib2012_02.jpg (41900 bytes)

zappanale_exhib2012_03.jpg (49802 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale exhibition 7 inch 2013
    (2013, 7"-promo, ger, arf society) - incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

zappanale_7_2013.jpg (80642 bytes)

  fried dähn & das onomatopoeia perturbation consort: zappanale #26
    (2015, dvdr, ger, arf society) - zappa's lyrics translated into german, recited on compositions by fried dähn + two frank zappa compositions

z26_frieddahn_dvdr.jpg (16567 bytes)

  various artists: zappanale # 26
    (2016, 3cd, ger, arf society) - incl. various frank zappa compositions, feat. napoleon murphy brock, ike willis, denny walley, jeff hollie, craig twister steward, ed mann, robert martin, albert wing, ray white, tom fowler, robbie mangano, mats öberg
varart_zappanale26.jpg (27415 bytes)
  the grandmothers & the yellow string quartet, feat. ed mann: zappanale 27
    (2016, dvdr, ger, arf society) - all compositions by frank zappa
grandmothers_z27_dvdr.jpg (15381 bytes)
  yellow string quartet: s/t
    (2016, cd, ger, way out records wo14208) - incl. 'uncle meat' (frank zappa)

ysq_cd.jpg (14343 bytes)

  fried dähn & skin of clazz: zappanale 29
    (2018, dvdr, germany, arf society) - incl. zappa pieces
  ensemble blue marlin: zappa spielt für bach
    (2019, cd, ger, s.j.s. edition) - incl. various frank zappa compositions


Zappanale 2018 - concert at the exhibit

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