jimmy carl black

drummin' the blues

2000 cdr ger inkanish records

= sampler

arthur brown & jimmy carl black: 7,12,15,17
jimmy carl black and the mannish boys: 1,2,8,16
holzhaus, black and teresas: 3,4,11,14
big sonny and the loboys: 5,9
the farrell/black band: 6,10,13

all tracks feature jimmy carl black on drums

  1. cold women with cold hearts (a.king)
  2. you don't love me no more
  3. i don't want no woman
  4. i feel good (j.brown)
  5. summertime blues medley
  6. whole life of loving you (r.farrell)
  7. fever
  8. bitter pill (g.primich)
  9. cc rider (c.willis)
  10. somethin' on the side (r.farrell)
  11. she's bad
  12. got my mojo workin' (m.waters)
  13. built for speed (r.farrell)
  14. checkin' up on my baby
  15. hound dog
  16. don't lie to me
  17. stand by me