the zapping buzz band

does sex belong in music
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2002  cd suisse bbm records 6995 ghat

andré 'dead' courbat: guitar, vocals, rakatak, kazoo
thierry 'pitch' nydegger: bass, vocals, police whistle, kazoo
chris 'popof' richards: drums, vocals, new year whistles
bernie constantin: special guest on 'flakes'
rolf, shelly, william and hélène: conversation

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. ouverture (with shelley's voice)
  2. bobby brown
  3. the torture never stops
  4. florentine pogen
  5. i'm the slime
  6. i have been in you
  7. flakes
  8. ms pinky
  9. grand final
  10. edited version (for people with no time for the whole cd)