stanley j. zappa

sing-song songs

2016 cd -- private release


stanley jason zappa: saxophones
matt lavelle: alto clarinet  3
sabir mateen: bass clarinet  3

composed and performed by stanley j. zappa
mixed and mastered by stanley j. zappa

  1. funky zero

  2. song of healing for brainpang

  3. the magic fountain

  4. song of tension and release for the king of joy

  5. anyone can succeed

  6. my theme for my reality tv show about me

  7. song of subla for the mule

  8. sond of successful distance healing by christine for christine

  9. when i was an adult

  10. song of eq and groove for andre

  11. song for lady lady

  12. everybody loves a sing-song

  13. mr. kissing man