wagga jawaka

warts 'n' all
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2002 cdr uk private release

recorded august 2001

mick yare: guitar, vocals
liz carter: keyboard, vocals
michael shoulder: bass, vocals
dave hooks: drums
graham hardy: trumpet, flugel horn
bryn collinson: tenor sax
nick kennedy: alto sax, soprano sax
dave brock: trombone
sue ferris: baritone sax, flute, piccolo

  1. zoot allures
  2. chunga's revenge
  3. let's make harry turn orange medley
  4. more trouble every day
  5. son of orange county
  6. the torture never stops
  7. i'm the slime
  8. the duke of prunes
  9. the little house i used to live in
  10. sue and the lads go "blaarrp!"
  11. all the right notes
  12. bass kong
  13. peaches en regalia
  14. yo mama
  15. the muffin man