jimmy webb

archive + live
- incl. 'my guitar wants to kill your mama' (frank zappa)

2005 2cd australia wea records 8122731652

jimmy webb

all music and lyrics by jimmy webb, except where noted

disc one: 'archive'

  1. p.f.sloan
  2. love song
  3. three songs
      let it be me  (curtis, delanoe, becaud)
      never my love  (d & d addrisi)
      i wanna be free  (boyce, hart)
  4. met her on a plane
  5. all my love's laughter
  6. one lady
  7. if ships were made to sail
  8. galveston
  9. once in the morning
  10. when can brown begin
  11. piano
  12. the highwayman
  13. christiaan no
  14. where the universes are
  15. the moon's a harsh mistress
  16. feet in the sunshine
  17. lady fits her blue jeans
  18. just this one time
  19. crying in my sleep
  20. land's end / asleep on the windd

disc two: 'live at the royal albert hall'

  1. overture
  2. sleepin' in the daytime
  3. by the time i get to phoenix
  4. macarthur park
  5. wichita lineman (instrumental)
  6. didn't we
  7. my guitar wants to kill your mama (f.zappa)
  8. pocketfull of keys
  9. when can brown begin
  10. once in the morning
  11. song for my brother
  12. where's the playground, susie?
  13. jerusalem
  14. galvaston
  15. whisteltown
  16. piano
  17. wichita lineman (vocal)