freddie white

do you do
    – incl. ‘dirty love’ (frank zappa)

1981 lp irl mulligan lun 044

freddie white: vocals, guitar, mandolin
declan mcneilis: bass
james delaney: piano, keyboard
martin o'conner: accordion
davy gaynor: drums
keith donald: saxophone
mura o'connell and tony davis: backing vocals
philip begley: harmonium  2, piano  11
honor heffernan: backing vocals  5

  1. tenderness on the block
  2. martha
  3. ol’ buttermilk sky
  4. ghosts
  5. dirty love  (frank zappa)
  6. romance in the dark
  7. bread and gravy
  8. gypsy moth
  9. underneath the harlem moon
  10. dead end street
  11. dry land
  12. nobody