john tabacco

in memory of captain tank
    - incl. mom & dad' (frank zappa), and 'fountain of love' (frank zappa, ray collins)

2020 download -- bandcamp

john tabacco: narration, guitar, programming, mix, lead vocals, vibraphone
joe gioglio: electric guitar  9
hans annellsson: producer, arranger, programmer  7,10
johan pihleke: backing vocals  7,10
eddie nyström: guitar  7,10
eric block: guitar, bass, horns  13
richard dance: lead and fill gutiars  13
fernando diez: percussion  13
mark griffith: drums  13
nick manson: acoustic piano  13
mario mendivil: bass  13
mark rabuck: background vocals  13

produced by john tabacco

  1. in memory of captain tank (30 years pass)
  2. break away
  3. do it all again
  4. so inspired
  5. find your inner self / lutronion improvisation / airusall or haveusfall
  6. mom and dad  (frank zappa)
  7. hucksters (feat. the vegetarians)
  8. alice is painting
  9. come back baby
  10. where's my yoko (feat. the vegetarians)
  11. fountain of love (frank zappa, ray collins)
  12. is it love?
  13. spanish island (feat. eric and the wabe)
  14. you're my candy lover
  15. go to sleep
  16. alice does it all again