soft machine

volume two

1969 lp    


kevin ayers: bass, vocals
brian hopper: sax
hugh hopper: bass
mike ratledge: keyboards
robert wyatt: drums

rivmic melodies

  1. pataphysical introduction pt. I

  2. a concise british alphabet pt. I

  3. hibou, anemone and bear

  4. a concise british alphabet pt. II

  5. hulloder

  6. dada was here

  7. thank you pierrot lunaire

  8. have you ever bean green?

  9. pataphysical introduction pt. II

  10. out of tunes

esther's nose job

  1. as long as he lies perfectly still

  2. dedicated to you but you weren't listening

  3. fire engine passing with bells clanging

  4. pig

  5. orange skin food

  6. a door opens and closes

  7. 10.30 returns to the bedroom