sun ra

cosmic tones / art forms

1992 cd usa evidence 22036-2

tracks 1 - 5 were originally issued on "cosmic tones for mental therapy" (el saturn 408)
tracks 6 - 12 were originally issued on "art forms of dimensions tomorrow" (el saturn 404)

[1] recorded in nyc in 1963
sun ra: clavioline, cosmic side drum, astro space organ
john gilmore: bass clarinet (1,3), sky tone drums
pat patrick: baritone sax, flute
marshall allen: alto sax, oboe, astro space drums
ronnie boykins: bass
danny davis: alto sax (5), flute
robert cummings: bass clarinet (1,2)
james jackson: flute, log drums
clifford jarvis: drums, percussion
thomas hunter: percussion

[2] recorded at 'coreographers' worksop' in nyc in 1961 - 1962
sun ra: piano, sun harp, dragon drums, spiral percussion gong
john gilmore: tenor sax, bass clarinet, dragon drums, space drums
marshall allen: alto sax, bells, sticks, drums
pat patrick: baritone sax, clarinet, thunder drums, drums
ronnie boykins: bass
clifford jarvis: drums (5)
ali hassan: trombone
clifford thornton: trumpet (5)
john ore: bass (6,7)
c.scoby stroman: drums (2,3,6)
thomas hunter: drums (1,7)
manny smith: trumpet (4)

produced by ihnfinity inc. and alton abraham
reissue produced by jerry gordon

  1. and otherness   (sun ra)   [1]
  2. thiter and yon   (sun ra)   [1]
  3. adventure-equation   (sun ra)   [1]
  4. moon dance   (sun ra)   [1]
  5. voice of space   (sun ra)   [1]
  6. cluster of galaxies   (sun ra)   [2]
  7. ankh   (sun ra)   [2]
  8. solar drums   (sun ra)   [2]
  9. the outer heavens   (sun ra)   [2]
  10. infinity of the universe   (sun ra)   [2]
  11. lights on a satellite   (sun ra)   [2]
  12. kosmos in blue   (sun ra)   [2]